A Tillie Walden Print to Hold Me Until Are You Listening?

I got into the work of Tillie Walden a few years ago when finding pleasures in american comics was becoming a more infrequent happenstance. This is not a statement I mean to defend or litigate in anyway, it’s a personal cycle, but I was just finding myself more engaged by comics from Inio Asano, Posuka Demizu, Oda-sama, and Kerasco√ęt among others.

Enter Tillie Walden.

Walden releases are now simply entertainment events to me. She’s that good, whether she’s slicing life in her The End of Summer or putting down an already all time neo-classic science fiction with On a Sunbeam. For the initiated I’m not breaking news, Walden has awards and accolades that are remarkable for a cartoonist her age and for the uninitiated Tillie Walden is simply your next sequential obsession.

I’m an art collector. Original art, not so much prints (they are kind of anathema to me to be honest – though I did grab a Bryan Lee O’Malley one for charity previously and maybe wrote the longest post on a print ever for the love of DEFIANT Dave Lapham), but I guess I missed out on when Walden sold her originals. That in itself usually won’t drive me to purchase a print but in this case I had to scoop it.

tillie walden print

I just caught that feeling you get when concluding an experience and wanting more, to have a part of it, that sensation that propels capitalism and had us in earlier days watching cartoons and then begging your parents to buy you the toys of what you just watched. This is a signed print of Lars and Nemo from the aforementioned The End of Summer, her first work, to extend the Tillie art experience in my house.

Needless to say her forthcoming (this Fall) Are You Listening? is one of and perhaps THE most anticipated 2019 comic for me. In a world that I’m not getting GRRM Winds of Winter it might be the most anticipated sit of any kind this year, though I did just come from Jordan Peele’s Us and for the second film in a row this guy has me excited with how and from where he is approaching genre.

I highly recommend all of Tillie’s work. Just pick one that has a summary that feels most your vibe and she does the rest.

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