Save the Asian Save the World – Just caught up on CW’s The 100!

I finally caught up to The 100, which is available on Netfix, and I’m wholly satisfied.

the 100

All of the CW shows I do watch I watch via Netflix so I’m never current with any of their programming but it does allow me to gauge how invested I’m into a show if I become aware of when a CW season will end, because I know via their deal it will be up on the streaming service quickly.

Currently, and for years now, the only show that I watch as it is released is Game of Thrones, everything else I can wait to binge.

Science fiction shows, even good ones, have difficulties surviving due to simply having an expense attached to them that sitcoms or dramas do not in their early stages (they can become expensive as they become popular but on in terms of reupping talent – there is a reason the CW is for the most part a network that features young newcomers).

Even something like The Expanse, which is kind of a science fiction fans dream and well thought of when it is talked about online, was dropped by Syfy (and picked up by Amazon who doesn’t have $ problems).

Even Battlestar Galactica which was a critical darling,the lead story in online discussion perhaps just only after LOST, and viewed as somewhat of a neo-classic show, at the time was struggling with getting the numbers a science fiction show needed to obtain (to be fair they were also in an odd period of time, a victim of trying to figure out the effect of tivo, piracy, non-first day watchers at the time on ratings).

I have enjoyed other CW shows, I’m an unapologetic fan of Supernatural, I like Riverdale, but The 100 from day one kind of blew me away in that it was a science fiction show on the CW.

Well maybe not.

At least not from day one. When I first started watching it I wasn’t very interested because in my head I thought well oh yeah that’s how they are going to do it. Keep half the story in 3 rooms on the space station and an outdoor camp setting on the planet and run around some woods in Canada.

While that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t come back to the show at some point, I tend to give speculative fiction shows a chance, it wasn’t one that I thought would have the scope that would interest me and it made sense in my head that this was the way they chose to keep a science fiction teen-ish drama cheap and have the patent pretty people on the CW doing things formula.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In fact you’d be hard pressed to find a show that pivots and changes the status quo as much as The 100 has done in just over 70 episodes. It’s actually astonishing.

If you compare this to say all of the Star Trek series (besides Discovery, which I actually think starts off pretty awesome*), even my beloved DS9 (by far the best written and acted Trek tv series), The 100 kind of destroys those historically slow starting series (ST:TNG, a very fine show that I like very much is with few exceptions a really bad show for two seasons.) early on.

Look at Stargate. You have to go through several seasons of that show for it to change even a little bit and even a second spin-off later when they finally made a truly great** science fiction show in Universe the fans didn’t know what to do with it an rebelled against it, taking it way the base it would need to stay afloat.

Sure, The 100 is kind of that formulaic “what’s the next worst group of people we can run into” activity that Walking Dead watchers know so well, but the economy in which The 100 introduces them, sheds them, and comes out taking the best of what those arcs introduced with them and turn into something else is pretty astounding especially because you come away from each with a price was exacted.

Either we lost friends or our friends had to do something that irrecoverably changed them.

There were personal hiccups for me related to elements I just don’t vibe with. I think Jasper was a fine character but that type of character tends to overstay their welcome with me if not taken to conclusion or evolution quicker than most shows do.

For the most part though, as I was considering the characters I was watching the season 5 finale, I’d tell people to do what I did and turn on the pilot. Give it a quick watch.

The journey has been more than I would have ever thought that show in pilot ever had a right to be. Watch our crew to see how far they’ve come. How far we’ve come with them. How much they’ve changed the course of earth history, for good and bad.

Like I said when I wrote about Netflix’s The Dragon Prince it was obvious there were people involved on this show who simply gave a damn.

The ending itself is one science fiction fans have seen and as soon as the element was introduced the thought struck me that even if it wasn’t the end game macguffin it was going to be something used down the line but I started thinking maybe it isn’t an obvious out to the demographic for this show and it worked at being both a reflection on the cost it took to get there and the future that was yet come.

It was at the same time a sweet moment and a moment to consider the toll.

The children of first season, juvenile delinquents, who were used to test to see if the earth was inhabitable are now parents and guardians. They weren’t born on a planet and inherited a life that didn’t promise one yet they spent their young adult lives fighting for a piece of one. They’d see it destroyed again.

They saw first hand how their own actions may have wrought that conclusions.They have their own world now.

Or do they?

Will they once again be invaders from above? Skaikru the sequel.

It’s a brave new world.

Save the Asian Save the World

I’m an asian-american. I don’t get to see us often in tv and movies, as is obvious if you ever meet one of us and find how strong our ties to Rufio are.

When you consider the season finale for a moment, Monty and his wife Harper can in a span of time almost (and i’m using this thematically I’m not at all religious) be viewed as semi-biblical in nature. A husband and wife, the former someone who in many ways tried to regrow an Eden, lives to an old age while his peers stay ageless to find a new home for humanity and offer it his son, the only child of this mothership heaven that brought them there.


Bring on Book II.

*this usually means really old fans of Star Trek won’t like it. They have an aversion to good things from what I can tell and oddly took away none of the lessons the original series and what made it great. How fans of Star Trek can be racists spewing bigoted opinions all day online is no less baffling to me than how so many hardcore fans of college football fans do the same. It’s puzzling to me.

**btw I’m a Stargate fan of all the series to some degree

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