The First Ever Glimpses of Smurfs!

Whether a rookie card or the first appearance of a comic character I was trained by guides to value more things than others things in hobbies and recently I picked up some related to the Smurfs, a cartoon that was on constant rotation when I was really young.


The Smurfs, however, I think are MUCH older than most people think.

The Smurfs were created by Peyo and first appeared in the 1950s, in a French/Belgian comic magazine called Spirou and look largely the same today as they did in their debut.

The image above is the very first time a Smurf ever appeared in 1958 when they appeared in the storyline La Flûte à six trous (“The Flute with Six Holes”) in a chapter of a continuing story centering around Johan et Pirlouit or, if you are an American and recall the cartoons, Johan and Peewit.

Here is close up of Smurf Village:


The next issue of Spirou would feature the Smurfs first cover appearance, including an ax-wielding Papa Smurf:


I have a few sets of these now but always on the lookout for items like this that combine pop culture items from my life and hobbies that I already am a part of like comics.

The Smurf brand has taken a bit of a hit, to say the least, in recent years with some truly fundamentally bad films but it was still a definite part of my early childhood.

I mentioned character design recently as it relates to iconic characters are largely identifiable to their first iterations: Spider-Man, Batman (even with Bob Kane’s shitty art), and even newer character like Deadpool are largely visually the same as they were, even tough dozens to hundreds of creators have since added their own spin to them.

Here are the Smurfs. Sixty years later and they look like… the Smurfs.

I’m kind of here for Papa Smurf Ax Rampage though.

Speaking of Papa Smurf. Ever see him without his hat?

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