Ghostrider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Kinda Fire

I started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when it first came out and thought it was not horrible but also not worth holding on to but I used to watch Collider TV Talk on Youtube and they has a host named Sinead who was constantly straight ride of die for it so I filed it under get back to later.

sinead de vries

Much later…

It’s snowing in NYC right now – I’m on a trip looking to buy a place in Manhattan – and since my home base is split between southern Cali, Hawaii, and an island in the Mediterranean, any weather under 68 degrees is practically kryptonite to me.

So while I’m cowering inside amidst layers of blankets and artificial heating tech, I’ve been inside bingeing AoS on Netflix and while I’m not sure this it’s a great show, in fact I’m quite sure it is not, the depiction of Ghost Rider is insanely good and almost unbelievably so on network television that

As an aside, going by the places I’m looking at in Manhattan, it’s gonna cost more than it cost me to live a couple of blocks on the beach in Cali and Hawaii and comparable to how much I payed for in Sardinia. Crazy.

Nevermind the part where what a gorgeous woman said maybe a year ago on youtube is apparently motivating my actions.

Sinead was right tho, Ghost Rider is dope. As an aside, Sinead de Vries feels like she could be on some Marvel streaming Generation X show.

Her look is super dope.

Author: Jay

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