Sandman Meditations – You Should Dive In.


Just a quick note. I guess it’s obvious I’ve been moving content over to Miclonian, combining a lot of related content I’ve done into less posts (i.e. If I have multiple reviews of an author’s work they are available in one post, same with interview etc).

I’m not planning on bringing much content over that isn’t mine though, pieces I commissioned for various site or guest blogs authors did with us as part of promotion periods for when they had book releases etc.

One of the exceptions, however, are the Sandman essays Matthew Cheney did for us on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman run from the 90s. It remains one of my favorite things we’ve ever hosted and I’ve collected them under their various individual arcs. You can check them out at Sandman Meditations.

They’ve been read close to 6 figure times since we’ve hosted them and they are well worth it. Matt’s been one of preeminent thinkers in speculative fiction, a sought after opinion, mostly regarding novels and short fiction, for the better part of two decades now. He’s also a really great dude.

I know for a fact that Neil Gaiman himself has read and enjoyed at least a handful of them so be like his Nealness and enjoy!

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