Collecting Riddle-Master with Patricia McKillip’s Riddle of Stars

patrcia mckillip riddle of stars

I’ve always liked this cover. This collects Patricia Mckillip’s wonderful, lyrical, and beautiful RiddleMaster series. Mckillip is the first stylist that I, as a young reader, identified as a stylist while reading fantasy. I know that sounds at least slightly silly as everyone has their own writing style, but there are authors that just seem to have that extra layer, almost like a beat, to their prose.

Another such writer is Catherynne Valente

It wasn’t just about the story being told, it was the how, and like music can, Mckillip just adds emotional weight augmenting by our own standard consumption of the plot and text. This remains one of my favorite fantasy stories and I was introduced to it via this collected edition featuring cover art by Jack Woolhiser. I loved it so much I had spent some time looking for the original art to this to hang in one of my homes but to no avail.

I’ve interviewed dozens of authors and one of the handful that I regret never being able to get to is McKillip, if only to tell her how much this series meant to me.

Aside, I’ve always thought it would have been a great choice for a Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli adaptation.

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