ian r macleod

Light Ages on Summer Isle – Ian R. MacLeod Interview

This week I have a talented author who excels and has been recognized for both his novel length efforts and his short story offerings. My introduction to Ian R. MacLeod’s work was the The Light Ages; the 2004 Nebula Nominee for Best novel made me an instant fan, and the story continues in a release earlier this year, The House of Storms. In 1999, MacLeod garnered the World Fantasy Award for Best Novella, with Summer Isle (also nominated for the Hugo), a novella that this year we will see in its full length novel version, released by AIO Publishing. More of MacLeod’s short work can be found in collections like Breathmoss and other Exhalations from Golden Gryphon Press.

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charles stross

Dungeons to Singularity – Charles Stross Interview

This week my guest is Charles Stross, who is having one hell of a good year. The versatile author is nominated for this year’s Hugo for Best Novel for his novel Singularity Sky, not to mention has 2 novellas nominated for the Best Novella of the year. He is also nominated by Locus this year for Best Science Fiction Novel for Iron Sunrise, and for Best Fantasy Novel honors with the first installment of his Merchant Princes series, Family Trade. The second part of the Merchant Princes, The Hidden Family, was just released, and I want to thank Stross for spending some time with me amidst a very busy writing schedule.

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The Emperor of Ice Cream – Jeffrey Ford Interview

jeffrey ford

This week I have one of my favorite authors. He is a writer whose name is mentioned quite often when I ask other authors what current writers they themselves admire. In fact, the first work I read by him, the 2003 World Fantasy Award winning collection, The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant was recommended to me by a previous guest, K.J. Bishop.

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matthew hughes

The Archonate Gist – Matthew Hughes Interview

This week we have author whose work I was recently introduced to, and the reading has been such a compelling and enjoyable experience it has had me as of late searching feverishly for other examples of the author’s work. Mind, you, it is not a requirement to read the former novels Fools Errant and Fool Me Twice to fully appreciate the author, and our guest, Matthew Hughes’ latest offering, a psychological SF/Crime effort set in his trademark Archonate setting, Black Brillion, however a work of such competence, full of witty, sardonic repartee, reminiscent of Vance, almost demands one to take the time to search out more examples of Hughes’ work.

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richard bowes

In Mosaic – Richard Bowes Interview

I have a habit of paying attention to recommendations by authors whose work I admire. Whether an indirect recommendation or one given to me personally, or via an interview, it has really lead to some great reads for me. I was alerted to this week guest by a recommendation via a past interview I conducted with Jeffrey Ford, whose work I was put on to by another interview guest, K.J. Bishop. Like the other occasions, I was not lead astray. Golden Gryphon Press was good enough to facilitate me with a copy of Richard Bowes’ fantastic From the Files of the Time Rangers, the latest effort from the Word Fantasy Award winning author. I recently reviewed Bowes, “mosaic” novel, after which I found myself scouring the net for his various available short work.

I’d like to welcome and thank Bowes for joining me to us today, as we talk about From the Files of the Time Rangers, mosaic novels, and the greatest city on earth.

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Scat Chance – The Year of Our War

steph swainston

With her debut novel Steph Swainston establishes a canvas with unlimited possibilities for future tales in the setting, while offering a sequence of events within the novel that both fulfills upon completion, and leaves you wondering just in which direction she will take her successive works, without being able to think of any choice that would come near to disappoint.

Make sure you check out my interview with Steph too.

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kj bishop

The Guitar Hero of The Etched City – K.J. Bishop Interview

My first interview. We are going to start interviewing the various creative personalities in the genre. We will strive with this feature as we do with our reviews to offer the widest range possible related to Fantasy. We have several authors who have agreed to participate thus far and were kicking it off with K.J. Bishop, author of The Etched City, a novel that has drawn this quote from Michael Moorcock regarding some of Kirsten’s scenes “The Etched City is worth reading for these scenes alone, which are among the most mystifying and astonishing I have found in a fantasy.”

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forgotten realms

Forgotten Realms and in Memory of Garet Jax – R.A. Salvatore Interview

This week I have a NY Times Best Selling author, and creator of one of the most popular and read characters in Fantasy, everyone’s favorite Dark Elf, Drizzt Do’Urden. I am of course speaking of Bob Salvatore. R.A. Salvatore’s publishing career started with the Crystal Shard, and since than he has written 16 full-length novels chronicling the adventures of Drizzt and his companions. His latest story-arc, recently completed and entitled The Hunter’s Blade trilogy, begins a short hiatus from his core characters as Salvatore currently is at work penning the highly anticipated Promise of the Witch King, which features mega fan favorites Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle (my personal favorite character by RAS).

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