Not the Final Season of Archer?

I think for awhile now I’ve thought I’ve seen every season of Archer. I’m a giant fan of the show even though I thought the last season (the one I saw – “Archer in Dreamland”) was perhaps my least favorite but lol apparently there’s another season already out and more on the way.


I have all of the major streaming services (Netflix, Prime, Hulu) and I have Playstation Vue, and TV’s in a half dozen houses, and this is really showing me that no matter how much I love a show, at least for me, if you aren’t Game of Thrones, you better get in where you fit in or I’m going to be over here not even knowing you exist.

The streaming app war I feel like is going to be short lived with the eventual winners being the ones I think we all think they will be and the main issue I don’t see brought up regarding the idea of that there is so much (good) content available now, is that, yes, there is, and with that in mind the last thing I want to do is spend time looking for it.

Meaning: I’m not going to.

Be at where we all at. Thanks.

The digital/tech giants (which Netflix is one of – people forget Netflix is a tech company) and Disney are going to be around and shouldn’t be the ones debated on all these websites and youtube channels. It’s the smaller apps that I feel are slipping through the cracks as everyoen trys to consolidate and create their own IP.

I mean CBS had to go get Jean Luc Picard back to catch a headline (which is very CBS if you think about it), which is a shame because I thought Discovery was quite good, I really enjoyed it, and it was good from the beginning, which is unlike any Trek (even my beloved DS9 – aka the BEST Trek). The problem is it’s good in that way where you just wait for it to all be done and just pay for one month of the service and binge it all – it’s not Disney or Netflix who or going to have and have constant flow of content and catalog.

I guess I am happy that there are at least two more seasons of ArcherĀ because I legit love it.

Now to see if I missed a season of The League somehow I’m going to rage. Gattaca!

Author: Jay

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