Best Movie of the 21st Century?

I know a lot of people are on the There Will Be Bloodsquad, seems fairly in vogue, and it’s a fine film with an overwhelming singular performance and expertly directed but I’m split in between Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and Cuarón’s Children of Men

spirited away

I’d probably lean toward the Studio Ghibli film because I do believe in the value of a good time and when we are talking about films of this most upper level, we look for qualities to give one the edge over the other and for me the fact that it’s an all ages film is a point for it, and why the run something like Pixar has  had is so extraordinary.

Spirited Away is flawless and Children of Men might be the best science fiction film I’ve ever seen.

I will say that I find myself continually going back and thinking about Arrvial, which is based on a Ted Chiang story, whose collection of short fiction is the one collection you buy if you are just going to buy one.


The Disney Princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet…

… need their own movie immediately and I’d be shocked if it already isn’t in some stages of being written.

disney princesses

I’ve only seen it once thus far so I’m not prepared to say they are the best part of Ralph Breaks the Internet but their part in the film is flawless and screams for more, not just in the sense of the obvious commercial vertical filler it represents but I actually came away thinking this needs to be a major franchise now.

The only part that doesn’t make sense is that it didn’t happen 20 years ago.

The movie itself is good, Disney Animation has been rolling and these things take a long time to make so it’s hard to say where we are at post-Lasseter or when we will be post-Lasseter but it’s a solid film that I suspect will feast for Disney until Mary Poppins comes out next month.

Wreck-It Ralph kind of came out of nowhere as is part of the strong return of Disney Animation after it felt like they were taking a backseat to their fellow Magic Kingdom vassal Pixar and this is a worthy sequel after the trailers felt a little gimmicky to me, but to be fair, these are made for kids, it should have that kind of contemporary sheen to it.

I’d really like to see more Big Hero 6.


My Favorite 3 Netflix Original Films


This is an as of today tally on my favorite original Netflix movies in no particular order.

Okaja – look at the cast. Tilda Swinton, Giancarlo Esposito (love this guy), Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, and young Ahn Seo-hyun in this magical movie directed by Bong Joon-ho. It’s a rare movie that offers up something in actual substantive theme and craft & style while still also being an entertaining watch.

It’s a work of such evident sincerity that it’s hard to forget it even after you get past the grand imagination of it all.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Netflix has decided to grab on to this teenage YA romantic comedy segment we don’t see a lot of anymore and I’m guessing it’s crushing for them, not only offering films people have a desire to see, but cultivating a generation of young viewers for whom Netflix will remain life-ubiquitous.

This movie is just feel good, fun, a loud and seamless shot of representation,  a young star maker and is the most rewatched movie by my goddaughter this year for sure. It’s an institution here and super cute and charming.

Set It Up – see above. Netflix’s algo is clearly saying people want romantic comedies and they made one that may be the most easily recommendable one in a decade.  You may not love it but it’s awfully hard not to like.

There are other films like The Meyerowitz Stories or Mudblood that I considered (and def Top 10, and movies people should watch) but I think, especially with the last two, Netflix is carving out this space I’m not getting anywhere else but feels like should be everywhere.

Further, Okja and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before have Asian flavor. The best kind.

Jude Law Young Dumbledore is Life

What the title says.

I saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald today and there’s a lot I think not to love but maybe to like in this movie, or at least it offers a lot of questions and discussion points rather clumsily.

jude law

That said, every scene with Jude Law, aka Young Dumbledore, is a good movie. The Young Pope. Yup, Jude has all the cool hip hop names.

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Ghostrider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Kinda Fire

I started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when it first came out and thought it was not horrible but also not worth holding on to but I used to watch Collider TV Talk on Youtube and they has a host named Sinead who was constantly straight ride of die for it so I filed it under get back to later.

sinead de vries

Much later…

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Save the Asian Save the World – Just caught up on CW’s The 100!

I finally caught up to The 100, which is available on Netfix, and I’m wholly satisfied.

the 100

All of the CW shows I do watch I watch via Netflix so I’m never current with any of their programming but it does allow me to gauge how invested I’m into a show if I become aware of when a CW season will end, because I know via their deal it will be up on the streaming service quickly.
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Netflix’s The Dragon Prince – Sunforged is my 2018 Style

I wish I could waste your time beginning this by diving into deeper meanings and thematic weight present in The Dragon Prince but the first thing that comes to mind is just an honest this thing is awesome.

dragon prince

What makes it fun is that it emanates a sheen of effortlessness that only comes with the exact opposite, being painstakingly well thought out and executed. A bunch of people gave a shit.

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Send To All: My Love for Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This is a bit of a delayed reaction but I think perhaps even better for it because two full months after Netflix released To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before my crush for it is confirmed as full blown love.

lara jean and peter

I’m not really into reviews, it’s a trade I was at one time in (if you see my blurb in a favorite genre novel of yours published circa 2006-2012, I apologize) but I do want to highlight some aspects of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before that really stood out to me and had me looking both back and forward with unmitigated joy.

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Deadpool – Badass of the Week


Deadpool is a criminally deranged, psychopathic ninja mercenary with a mutant healing factor, a withering sarcastic wit, an encyclopedic array of pop culture references, and unfettered access to katanas, hand grenades and automatic weapons, which he uses to kill everyone ever.  He’s like Snake Eyes, Wolverine, and David Spade’s Hollywood Minute mashed into the body of an Olympic athlete, then combined with the impulse control of Charlie Manson – and the end result is that he’s so fucking awesome at pummeling people into meat juice that he somehow manages to be an effective assassin even though he sneaks around heavily-fortified military facilities in a fire-engine red jumpsuit.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn Steps into Canon on STAR WARS Rebels

I’m going to guess I’m not the only person my age who did an unusual thing for them and sat around waiting for a live watching of an episode of a cartoon. I did so in the name of Thrawn.

grand admiral thrawn

Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels starts in the middle of action with Steps into Shadow but I won’t be touching on any of that.

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A Clash of Queens – What is the Queen’s Power in Game of Thrones? 

This is another question that popped up as a search term to get to the site. I’m going to be picking some of these out and answering them to the best of my ability, the first time I did this, skipping the at the very least weird, and at worst, criminal search terms that somehow lead people here. Yes, some of the actions in Game of Thrones are actually PG in comparison to some of them, and some of the not so cleaner recent ones are about Natalie Portman’s character in Leon: The Professional, that I think got an uptick because it was recently made available on netflix. Enough preamble though, today I field:

game of thrones

What is the Queen’s Power in Game of Thrones?

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A Bold Life Amidst A Game of Thrones – Ser Barristan Selmy 

If you watched last Sunday’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones you know that the realm lost a good one in Barristan the Bold. For such a knight of accomplishment to die outside of Westeros may not seem right, but one would think he did so at the service of a ruler he respected, and that’s all he ever wanted.

game of thrones

I thought it would be appropriate to look back at the life of a character that for TV watchers was a few years old, but for book readers we’ve been reading Selmy for almost TWENTY years. If you want, you can go check out my review of The Sons of the Harpy where Barristan, along with Greyworm, kicked a lot of ass. I think what tv watchers of Game of Thrones should know is that this hasn’t happened in the books, so this was not only an end to a major character, it was a shocking one to book readers.

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A Little Harmony for Robotech Movie Gold on the Sony Please

I’m half Japanese. I’m an american. I’ve lived in Japan for a lot of my earlier childhood and 1/4 of my life. I have land there. I knew ramen was life since the ’80s, and not cheap college student menu before U.S. hipsters of the past several years did. I even rocked a bento strong in elementary school, some of which were Macross branded.


I was introduced to Macross through Robotech though, as I suspect most people in the U.S. were, but in my years in Japan, I’ve never come across anyone (the count is officially zero) who seem to care more about how Robotech came into being as I have in english speaking message boards in the 21st century.

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