Into The Spider-Verse Is a Revolution

Go watch Into the Spider-Verse and be in on the coolest superhero and animated movie of 2018.

Into The Spider-Verse

I was able to see Into the Spider-Verse last week as a + 1 to somebody who was watching it as press and walked out of it unsure if I’ve had a more satisfying superhero film experience in a year that has already included Incredibles 2, Infinity War, and Black Panther – three billion dollar grossing films, two of which are locks to be represented at the Oscars.

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Sandman Meditations – You Should Dive In.

A pointer to the best issue-by-issue analysis of the Neil Gaiman Sandman run.


Just a quick note. I guess it’s obvious I’ve been moving content over to Miclonian, combining a lot of related content I’ve done into less posts (i.e. If I have multiple reviews of an author’s work they are available in one post, same with interview etc).

I’m not planning on bringing much content over that isn’t mine though, pieces I commissioned for various site or guest blogs authors did with us as part of promotion periods for when they had book releases etc.

One of the exceptions, however, are the Sandman essays Matthew Cheney did for us on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman run from the 90s. It remains one of my favorite things we’ve ever hosted and I’ve collected them under their various individual arcs. You can check them out at Sandman Meditations.

They’ve been read close to 6 figure times since we’ve hosted them and they are well worth it. Matt’s been one of preeminent thinkers in speculative fiction, a sought after opinion, mostly regarding novels and short fiction, for the better part of two decades now. He’s also a really great dude.

I know for a fact that Neil Gaiman himself has read and enjoyed at least a handful of them so be like his Nealness and enjoy!

The First Ever Glimpses of Smurfs!

You may have seen the Smurfs movies and if you are older seen the Smurfs cartoon. Did you know they originated in the ’50s by the hand of the cartoonist Peyo? I have proof.

Whether a rookie card or the first appearance of a comic character I was trained by guides to value more things than others things in hobbies and recently I picked up some related to the Smurfs, a cartoon that was on constant rotation when I was really young.


The Smurfs, however, I think are MUCH older than most people think.

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My Case for a VALIANT Shadowman Movie

Bloodshot is on its way filming as we speak and starring Vin Diesel but what other VALIANT universe characters can make the jump to the big screen? How about Shadowman?

Bloodshot is coming to theaters starring Vin Diesel so I started thinking about the VALIANT universe and what characters I think are viable and are an easy transition and I think I came up with one that isn’t one that would top other nominees like X-O Manowar, Harbinger, and Bloodshot himself (who I have been championing for several years now as the obvious easy introduction over X-O).


I came up with Shadowman.

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Pocket WIZARD Before Comics Went Chromium

Remember reading Wizard? ’90s Comic book fan bible. Here are its humble beginnings.

Wizard magazine is a publication that is now often talked about in a negative context by most of the same people who didn’t like the half decade or so that Wizard reflected and even influenced the comic book medium and culture, and many who never read the magazine in its prime who echo anything negative because internet

wizard magazine

I don’t really want to get into that discussion and instead just want to highlight a recent acquisition.

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Deadpool – Badass of the Week


Deadpool is a criminally deranged, psychopathic ninja mercenary with a mutant healing factor, a withering sarcastic wit, an encyclopedic array of pop culture references, and unfettered access to katanas, hand grenades and automatic weapons, which he uses to kill everyone ever.  He’s like Snake Eyes, Wolverine, and David Spade’s Hollywood Minute mashed into the body of an Olympic athlete, then combined with the impulse control of Charlie Manson – and the end result is that he’s so fucking awesome at pummeling people into meat juice that he somehow manages to be an effective assassin even though he sneaks around heavily-fortified military facilities in a fire-engine red jumpsuit.

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Matt Kindt’s VALIANT Divinity Gauntlet

Much like waiting for the trade I decided to combine my reviews of the first four issues of VALIANT’s Divinity, the Matt Kindt written introduction of a new character into the VALIANT universe, and as an aside, one of the best comics of last year. It’s much like my collection of Ninjak reviews (also written by Kindt.).


Why should you care?

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Lemire’s VALIANT Inherent Vice – Bloodshot Reborn Review & The Fall of Bloodshot is the Best Bloodshot

Really was anticipating Bloodshot Reborn #1 from VALIANT since reading all of the high drama that occurred in The VALIANT #4, which was amazing. I think Matt Kindt successfully relaunched Ninjak recently and I was excited to see how the other half of The VALIANT writing team, one Jeff Lemire, would do with Bloodshot, who probably walked away from the occurrences of the mini more changed then any other character. I recently read Lemire’s Descender and in the middle of a write-up on that, and it’s icy.


Bloodshot is one of my favorite characters, and going to get the first issue of his first series is one of those childhood comic book memories that stick out.
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Roku Rises & VALIANT Darque Knights in Matt Kindt’s Ninjak

Some more VALIANT comics reviews and thoughts, this time in the form of Ninjak, and much like how I collected separate issue reviews of VALIANT’s Divinity and collected them in one post (which I guess could work as a review for a first trade).


Like Divinity, Ninjak is written by Matt Kindt where he joined by artist Clay Mann. Just a note, for the first issue I did more of a page by page brief bullet point stlye w/ my thoughts while the next 4 issues are more traditional style reviews. Enjoy.

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10 VALIANT Comics to Own Before They Become Movies

I’ve done a couple of posts about VALIANT comics, regarding cameo appearances and highlighting what issues from the new (post-2012) VALIANT universe that may be worth keeping an eye on, but I thought it might be time too look at VALIANT as a whole now that we’ve got more than just rumors about VALIANT films with what seems to be a solid commitment and direction from Sony in bringing VALIANT to the big screen.

valiant comics


I thought it might be time to drop a list of ten taking into account the entire rich history of VALIANT comics now that it’s just too late to buy them at near record low prices.

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Rai, X-O Manowar, Harbinger – Revisting Classic VALIANT Comics

In a recent post about Toyo Harada I talked about the order of VALIANT character appearances in the original VALIANT universe from the early 1990s.

valiant comics

I thought about it some and decided to piece together three reviews I did of first three original (post-Magnus and Solar) VALIANT properties in their initial arcs as titles.

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Sandman Meditations – The Wake

the wake

Which Occurs in the Wake of What has Gone Before

Sometimes, the English language plays along. A god-like king of dreams has died, and so there is a wake. Dreams, in the literal sense at least, die upon the dreamer’s waking, and so, too, in The Sandman when Morpheus is no more: the dreamers wake.

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The Kindly Ones – Sandman Meditations

the kindly ones

The Kindly Ones Part 1

The prologue to The Kindly Ones contains an image that is pure pornography for someone like me: an endless library. A library of books not written, of books that authors and readers have only dreamed. We’ve seen it before in The Sandman, and come to recognize the librarian, Lucien, but it is here in Kevin Nowlan’s art that the wondrous scope of the place is most enticing to me.

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