Jude Law Young Dumbledore is Life

What the title says.

I saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald today and there’s a lot I think not to love but maybe to like in this movie, or at least it offers a lot of questions and discussion points rather clumsily.

jude law

That said, every scene with Jude Law, aka Young Dumbledore, is a good movie. The Young Pope. Yup, Jude has all the cool hip hop names.

I’m guessing the discussion of best Dumbledore is being brought up now and I just have to say I don’t have the Gambon-hate that seems to live in some corners of this debate. I actually do not care for the Harris portrayal in a vacuum BUT will say it fits the first two films, which even as just films, exist kind of in their own pocket as this 100% for young kids Chris Columbus throwback films that really accelerated thematically and in directorial style with the third film (not to mention the kids got older and better).

Back to Gambon, I think he… I’m not sure perfectly is the right word but what he does bring in these films is kind of that edge – this is a guy that knows he’s sick with it and nice with magic, apart from even other masters of the craft – he’s the dude and he has grown a self-awareness about power and his (past) desire for it but he still has the confidence and joy of that confidence in his ability.

There are numerous instances of nonchalant Dumbledore “I got this” in the Harry Potter films that were a sort of screaming silent confidence that always just appealed to me.

Remember, You Know Who didn’t want it with Dumbledore.

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