Caught Stealing with Joe Pitt – Charlie Huston Interview

Today we are pleased to present an interview with Charlie Huston. Coming off of a run on Marvel’s Moon Knight Charlie Huston is a writer who also has several novels to his credit, including  three books into the continuing vamp noir adventures of Joe Pitt, and The Hank Thompson trilogy.

charlie huston

More recently, the Edgar nominated author, switched perspectives and wrote the stand-alone Shotgun Rule. The fourth book in the Joe Pitt Casebooks, Every Last Drop, is scheduled for a September 2008 release.

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My Chocolate Level Chat with Kelly Link

Not quite two years ago I was reading The Guardian and came across a list of Top 10 Weird Fiction, offered by China Mieville.

Kelly Link

The list featured writers and works of known quality — dare I say superiority — that included the likes of M. John Harrison, Mervyn Peake, Philip K. Dick, Charlotte Bronte, Lewis Carroll, Stefan Grabinski, H.G. Wells, Max Ernst, the prodigious Jane Gaskell, and ended with an author previously unknown to me residing in the 10 spot.

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In the Labyrinth Chatting with Catherynne M. Valente

I’m returning in style.  I was introduced to the work of Catherynne M. Valente through my very past interview experiences. The very first guest I had was one K.J. Bishop and after I demanded she give up writers that were moving her and she finally uttered two names. One was Jeffrey Ford — the other was Catherynne M. Valente.

Catherynne M Valente

My introduction to Valente was The Labyrinth, an effort that word for word is on of the most beautiful efforts in fiction you will find. She then took me into her book of dreams, Yume No Hon, which was the first piece of fiction that came to mind — in any form — when Cheryl Morgan asked for preliminary Hugo nominees last year. Her most recent project is a two-book set entitled The Orphan’s Tales, the first book of which was released late last year and titled In the Night Garden to be followed by In the Cities of Coin and Spice later this year.

With that, I’d like to welcome Catherynne and thank her for the time.

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The Time I Swapped Emails with George R. R. Martin

I have always enjoyed reading interviews of George R.R. Martin. Not because they offer informative illuminating aspects to his masterpiece series A Song of Ice and Fire, which due to its multiple perspectives and often times subtle narrative at once offers the chance of being exposed to provocative information as well as the opportunity to be strung along on multiple elaborate red herrings.

george rr martin

He historically refrains from talking about specifics regarding plot and characters. Neither is it especially because of any tendency by Martin to be controversial in his statements. What I find oddly compelling is that when I read interviews of Martin, I get this image of a busy writer who would rather be doing anything else but talking about himself while he has a book to write, and damn it, there’s something admirable about that.
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Singing Purple Muppets – the Scott Lynch Interview

My guest today is a less than a week away from seeing his debut hit the shelves in the UK and a month away until it debuts in the U.S. The book, The Lies of Locke Lamora, is the first installment in a planned seven book cycle titled The Gentlemen Bastards.

scott lynch

I first read the book in October of last year, reviewed it, and after reading it knew that Scott Lynch was somebody I needed to talk to.

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A Small Wonder on a Starbridge to Roumania – A Paul Park Interview & Review

I’ve been going back and combining related content into one and making it easier for interested readers to find. This is my interview with author Paul Park right around the time he wrote A Princess in Roumania, and my review for the novel – the first in a new fantasy series by Park – follow it in this post.

paul park

I hope you enjoy.
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My Six Duchies Session with Robin Hobb

My guest today is a name that has been a fixture in epic fantasy for more then a decade now, and an award nominated author even before that under the name Megan Lindholm. She is responsible for fan favorite series like the Farseer, Live Ship Traders, and Tawny Man trilogies. This year she leaves the successful and familiar setting of the 6 Duchies and with her latest release, Shaman’s Crossing, introduces us to the Kingdom of Gernia, an all new canvas to kick off the The Soldier Son trilogy.

robin hobb

Today Robin Hobb, where she touches on Shaman’s Crossing, Peter Jackson, why first is better than third, and her love for spoilers.

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A Chat with The Prince of Nothing R. Scott Bakker

I’ve gone back and combined my interview with R. Scott Bakker with some thoughts I had with his The Thousandfold Thought below it. On a lot of these posts I’ve been adding commentary to these newly combined posts and I have not much to say here but I’ll just say this: Around this time I found and really loved Scott’s work, got a chance to interview him, we occasionally swapped emails, I very much enjoyed the first three books but haven’t read anything since.

r scott bakker

I hope you enjoy this window back into turn of the century epic fantasy happenings!

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Returning to Terre d’Ange and Godslaying with Jacqueline Carey

Later this year on August 1st today’s guest is releasing the concluding installment in a duology titled The Sundering. Following up Banewreaker, Godslayer will cap off an epic tragedy story that is a testament to her versatility.

Jaqueline Carey

Prior to this, her Kushiel’s Legacy series, a thus far three book sequence, that includes, Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen, and Kushiel’s Avatar, introduced readers to the setting of Terre d’Ange, where through the adventures of Phedre, Jacqueline Carey would become a fantasy fixture, while penning some of the most progressive genre work during the time.

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Spitting that Aether with Ian R. MacLeod

This week I have a talented author who excels and has been recognized for both his novel length efforts and his short story offerings.

ian r macleod

My introduction to Ian R. MacLeod’s work was the The Light Ages; the 2004 Nebula Nominee for Best novel made me an instant fan and the story continues in The House of Storms. In 1999, MacLeod garnered the World Fantasy Award for Best Novella, with Summer Isle (also nominated for the Hugo), a novella that this year we will see in its full length novel version MacLeod’s short fiction can be found in collections like Breathmoss and other Exhalations.

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Sarah Monette Melusine Before Ascending to Goblin Emperor

My guest this week recently saw her debut novel Melusine released. A gifted short story writer who has forthcoming projects in an anthology by Ace in February titled The Queen of Winter with a story in the Melusine setting, and the sequel to Melusine, The Virtu, scheduled for July of 2006.

Katherine Addison

I really enjoyed reading Melusine and I want to thank Monette for accepting my invitation as we talk Melusine, a passion for short stories, Tolkien, her future work and more.

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From Dungeons to Singularity – Charles Stross Interview

This week my guest is Charles Stross, who is having one hell of a year. The versatile author is nominated for this year’s Hugo for Best Novel for his novel Singularity Sky, not to mention has 2 novellas nominated for the Best Novella of the year.

charles stross

He is also nominated by Locus this year for Best Science Fiction Novel for Iron Sunrise, and for Best Fantasy Novel honors with the first installment of his Merchant Princes series, Family Trade. The second part of the Merchant Princes, The Hidden Family, was just released, and I want to thank Stross for spending some time with me amidst a very busy writing schedule.

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A Chat with Jeffrey Ford, the Emperor of Ice Cream

This week I have one of my favorite authors. He is a writer whose name is mentioned quite often when I ask other authors what current writers they themselves admire.

Jeffrey Ford

In fact, the first work I read by him, the 2003 World Fantasy Award winning collection, The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant was recommended to me by a previous guest, K.J. Bishop.

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Getting Mosaic with Richard Bowes

I have a habit of paying attention to recommendations by authors whose work I admire. Whether an indirect recommendation or one given to me personally, or via an interview, it has really lead to some great reads for me. I was alerted to this week guest by a recommendation via a past interview I conducted with Jeffrey Ford, whose work I was put on to by another interview guest K.J. Bishop.

Richard Bowes

Like the other occasions, I was not lead astray. Golden Gryphon Press was good enough to facilitate me with a copy of Richard Bowes’ fantastic From the Files of the Time Rangers, the latest effort from the Word Fantasy Award winning author.

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