Need to Contact Me? Rejoice!


If you need to contact me please email me. I’m off and on with social media and leaning toward leaving them all as while self-inflicting myself with the mass of trash people social media has given voice to that I’d never talk to in real life is admittedly very alluring, most people on it are either those aforementioned trash people or have something to sell or a personal brand they need to facilitate. I don’t and I don’t need anyone’s money, I’m good af, so hard pass.

I know, right? The world is missing another The Last Jedi take (yours probably sucks btw.)

Admittedly, I have an IG but I’m one of those hateful people who has a follower/follow ratio *quickly does some math* of literally under 2% so if you follow me I’m probably not going to reciprocate anyway.

I’m super pleasant.