A Pointer to Sodom

Just as I did with Matt Cheney’s Sandman Meditations, I’m pointing to another feature we hosted as we shift domains around to keep good content alive as we are going to use Boomtron for something else.

This time it’s a series of columns the great Hal Duncan did for us and it’s just full of epic – in length and content – opion from Hal, a lot of which centers around defining and the redefinitions of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction in general, representation (or lack thereof), via history, taste, trends and style.

You can read them all at Notes From New Sodom.

I want to point to a couple directly as samples:

The Lost Airbender – Hal points  his gauze at the Avatar discussion. Hal tells me what Monstrum is in his piece on Gareth Edwards’ Monsters  and when he tackles is Science Fiction is Dead?

It  has come to my attention literally this second that Hal published some of these since in Rhapsody: Notes on Strange Fictionswhich I’m pleased about because I want to buy a copy and support it. Lol maybe I don’t know about it because there is some negative thing about me in for foreword or something haha. That would actually be cool because Hal could probably take 10 pages to intricately call me a simple ass or something lol.

I’d literally have it inscribed around the patio of one of my pools because I’m self-deprecating like that.

I’ve always liked Hal, guy is a fountain of information and style in his takes, and I’ve interviewed him three times so I hope people take the plunge – many, many already have in the near decade it’s been online – as it’s just great reading for true fans of science fiction and oddly the humans who write and consume it.

I also want to point to a single guest blog we hosted, by Richard Kadrey, one of the writers at the very forefront of Cyberpunk and the author of the incredibly fun Sandman Slim novels.

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