Pure Jenius – Brandon Graham Macross Art Day

macross brandon graham

So… I’m a Macross/Robotech fan (yes, you can be both) – and I guess this is obvious considering the domain name of this site) but this is double the joy here mixing that with a piece of Brandon Graham art that I recently added to the coffers. This piece, which you can see above and at his tumblr colored by Graham was a Kickstarter supporter reward commission from last year.

We don’t get a lot of chances to see new Macross/Robotech art of the first generation characters so when getting the chance to pick a commission subject from one of my favorite artists, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I have several original Brandon Graham pieces already, and I can’t imagine that I won’t add more in the future. His King City is probably my favorite post-childhood comic book along with books like Planetary or whatever Inio Asano is currently doing, and his Multiple Warheads isn’t too far behind. They are everything you want. Multi-genre, thousandfold occurrences a page, fun comics that strike multi-targets from multiple vantages a panel. Very rare is the comic that gets you full each page while still making you move on to the next knowing that you left a lot to be experienced on successive reads.


I’ve always thought what made Robotech funky was the Max/Miriya (or Max and Milia if a Macross fan) angle. I think for more passive fans of the series it’s sometimes easy to focus on Roy and Rick, and forget that Max and Miriya were probably (Max unquestionably so) the most badass pilots in the show, and with respects to Starbuck, the latter deserved to top this io9 list, much less not be completely absent from it. Their union was also the one that would add a sense of generational continuity in both the future Macross and Robotech timelines.

While much of the show begins to feel focused on Rick/Lisa/Minmay, during the final battle there’s a brief moment reserved for Max and Miriya flying side-by-side in their respective blue and red fighters, that make a seemingly perfect ending battle scene actually perfect, much like adding this commission did to my Graham art pile.