George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood Shows the Power of Stern Emails

You remember love notes and letters as much as you do the fights you were in. You know, the typical thoughts one would have after reading George R. R. Martin’s latest book Fire & Blood.

Fire & Blood george rr martin

I’m typically a voracious reader but at least to my standards I’ve noticed a bit of a drop off as we are in that era where tv and film are bringing so much of our favorite reads, be it from novels, comics or even short fiction (see: Arrival which was based on a Ted Chiang story – a film I find myself thinking about more and more) to us in a different form and adding binge to our vernacular.

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Into The Spider-Verse Is a Revolution

Go watch Into the Spider-Verse and be in on the coolest superhero and animated movie of 2018.

Into The Spider-Verse

I was able to see Into the Spider-Verse last week as a + 1 to somebody who was watching it as press and walked out of it unsure if I’ve had a more satisfying superhero film experience in a year that has already included Incredibles 2, Infinity War, and Black Panther – three billion dollar grossing films, two of which are locks to be represented at the Oscars.

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A Pointer to Badasses, Outlines, Grimdark, and Heaven?

I posted a bunch more guest blogs and columns we hosted. Really lucky to have them from authors the caliber of Guy Gavriel Kay, Ian R. MacLeod, Ben Thompson and Aaron Dembski-Bowden. A bunch of books on shelves, books sold, and awards between them.

As we prepare to relaunch Boomtron as a podcast I’ve been blogging here and shifting content over here as I have the time.

I’ve been adding more of the guest blogs we’ve hosted from authors to the Sandman Meditations and Notes from New Sodom I brought over here earlier in the week.

This time I brought over Ben Thompson’s kind of hilarious Badass of Week column he did for us. Over at his own site he does wonderful write-ups of historical figures.. well being badass and he did several for me of fictional characters. I’d point to the one he did of Thanos for us – which fans of Infinity War should check out asap.

Erin M. Evans, the author of several novels in Forgotten Realms offered up her expertise on Outlines and Shared World writing.

The great Guy Gavriel Kay I think was on a book publicity leg for his Under Heaven and dropped a guest blog for us.

For fans of Warhammer 40k, author of numerous books Aaron Dembski-Bowden, did a handful of very entertaining and personal pieces for us about grimdark and canon in those settings.

Ian R. MacLeod wrote on Alternate Londons for us. He’s written several novels but his short fiction is really great. His “New Light on the Drake Equation” is a singularly magnificent story and he has at least a couple of collections that are terrific.

I’ll make sure I mention the next group when I move them over, though I am trying to keep this joint more or less my online hub.

A Pointer to Sodom

Another pointer, this time to a series of columns we hosted by science fiction/fantasy author Hal Duncan. They are MANIC w/ a lot of good convos in the comments.

Just as I did with Matt Cheney’s Sandman Meditations, I’m pointing to another feature we hosted as we shift domains around to keep good content alive as we are going to use Boomtron for something else.

This time it’s a series of columns the great Hal Duncan did for us and it’s just full of epic – in length and content – opion from Hal, a lot of which centers around defining and the redefinitions of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction in general, representation (or lack thereof), via history, taste, trends and style.

You can read them all at Notes From New Sodom.

I want to point to a couple directly as samples:

The Lost Airbender – Hal points  his gauze at the Avatar discussion. Hal tells me what Monstrum is in his piece on Gareth Edwards’ Monsters  and when he tackles is Science Fiction is Dead?

It  has come to my attention literally this second that Hal published some of these since in Rhapsody: Notes on Strange Fictionswhich I’m pleased about because I want to buy a copy and support it. Lol maybe I don’t know about it because there is some negative thing about me in for foreword or something haha. That would actually be cool because Hal could probably take 10 pages to intricately call me a simple ass or something lol.

I’d literally have it inscribed around the patio of one of my pools because I’m self-deprecating like that.

I’ve always liked Hal, guy is a fountain of information and style in his takes, and I’ve interviewed him three times so I hope people take the plunge – many, many already have in the near decade it’s been online – as it’s just great reading for true fans of science fiction and oddly the humans who write and consume it.

I also want to point to a single guest blog we hosted, by Richard Kadrey, one of the writers at the very forefront of Cyberpunk and the author of the incredibly fun Sandman Slim novels.

Sandman Meditations – You Should Dive In.

A pointer to the best issue-by-issue analysis of the Neil Gaiman Sandman run.


Just a quick note. I guess it’s obvious I’ve been moving content over to Miclonian, combining a lot of related content I’ve done into less posts (i.e. If I have multiple reviews of an author’s work they are available in one post, same with interview etc).

I’m not planning on bringing much content over that isn’t mine though, pieces I commissioned for various site or guest blogs authors did with us as part of promotion periods for when they had book releases etc.

One of the exceptions, however, are the Sandman essays Matthew Cheney did for us on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman run from the 90s. It remains one of my favorite things we’ve ever hosted and I’ve collected them under their various individual arcs. You can check them out at Sandman Meditations.

They’ve been read close to 6 figure times since we’ve hosted them and they are well worth it. Matt’s been one of preeminent thinkers in speculative fiction, a sought after opinion, mostly regarding novels and short fiction, for the better part of two decades now. He’s also a really great dude.

I know for a fact that Neil Gaiman himself has read and enjoyed at least a handful of them so be like his Nealness and enjoy!

The First Ever Glimpses of Smurfs!

You may have seen the Smurfs movies and if you are older seen the Smurfs cartoon. Did you know they originated in the ’50s by the hand of the cartoonist Peyo? I have proof.

Whether a rookie card or the first appearance of a comic character I was trained by guides to value more things than others things in hobbies and recently I picked up some related to the Smurfs, a cartoon that was on constant rotation when I was really young.


The Smurfs, however, I think are MUCH older than most people think.

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My Case for a VALIANT Shadowman Movie

Bloodshot is on its way filming as we speak and starring Vin Diesel but what other VALIANT universe characters can make the jump to the big screen? How about Shadowman?

Bloodshot is coming to theaters starring Vin Diesel so I started thinking about the VALIANT universe and what characters I think are viable and are an easy transition and I think I came up with one that isn’t one that would top other nominees like X-O Manowar, Harbinger, and Bloodshot himself (who I have been championing for several years now as the obvious easy introduction over X-O).


I came up with Shadowman.

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Pocket WIZARD Before Comics Went Chromium

Remember reading Wizard? ’90s Comic book fan bible. Here are its humble beginnings.

Wizard magazine is a publication that is now often talked about in a negative context by most of the same people who didn’t like the half decade or so that Wizard reflected and even influenced the comic book medium and culture, and many who never read the magazine in its prime who echo anything negative because internet

wizard magazine

I don’t really want to get into that discussion and instead just want to highlight a recent acquisition.

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Save the Asian Save the World – Just caught up on CW’s The 100!

I caught up to The 100 and it fits my world view, as the world ends leave it to an asian american to save it. Come with us if you want to live.

I finally caught up to The 100, which is available on Netfix, and I’m wholly satisfied.

the 100

All of the CW shows I do watch I watch via Netflix so I’m never current with any of their programming but it does allow me to gauge how invested I’m into a show if I become aware of when a CW season will end, because I know via their deal it will be up on the streaming service quickly.
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My First Steps Within The Ruin of Kings

The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons is the buzzy epic fantasy series of 2019 so your boz writes several thousands words in 2018 after reading a few pages of it.

The first thing I ever did when I got online in terms of writing was talking about books so I thought it was apt that I start off with a post about what I’m reading.

jenn lyons

I spent several years running a book review site and in the years since I left that game I’ve still been a fan and reader of speculative fiction who while not reading every announcement and galley/arc since, I still would wager definitely pay more attention than the average fan or reader, which is a product of both my natural interest and simply that I have the time to do so.

Jenn Lyons’ The Ruin of Kings has buzz that’s rather unusual but I think it speaks to something that I felt growing up a kid reading epic fantasy and I feel is perhaps more true now.

The King or Queen of epic fantasy runs the room.

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Netflix’s The Dragon Prince – Sunforged is my 2018 Style

The Dragon Prince is the Forgotten Realms cartoon that all Dungeons & Dragons fans should be jealous of.

I wish I could waste your time beginning this by diving into deeper meanings and thematic weight present in The Dragon Prince but the first thing that comes to mind is just an honest this thing is awesome.

dragon prince

What makes it fun is that it emanates a sheen of effortlessness that only comes with the exact opposite, being painstakingly well thought out and executed. A bunch of people gave a shit.

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Send To All: My Love for Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Super cute, super charming, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before becomes an instant Netflix rewatchable and classic for this today’s teen’s generation.

This is a bit of a delayed reaction but I think perhaps even better for it because two full months after Netflix released To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before my crush for it is confirmed as full blown love.

lara jean and peter

I’m not really into reviews, it’s a trade I was at one time in (if you see my blurb in a favorite genre novel of yours published circa 2006-2012, I apologize) but I do want to highlight some aspects of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before that really stood out to me and had me looking both back and forward with unmitigated joy.

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Before Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice are Fire Books -The Daenerys Targaryen Asimov Debut

Emilia Clarke has been heating up watercooler talk for 7 years now in HBO’s monster hit adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, that the world calls Game of Thrones.

game of thrones

Even as a veteran multiple double digit rereader of all of the books in the series that jumped on the literature before the turn of the century, I never thought that I’d see the day that “Khaleesi” would enter pop culture vernacular, a thought that was smashed when I got my 8-year old niece an “I’m not a Princess I’m a Khaleesi” t-shirt and she knew what it was.

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pre-Annihilation chat w/ Jeff VanderMeer in Ambergis and… Predator?

I’m back combining a couple of interviews again, like I did with the Malazan duo of Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont, this time with the great Jeff VanderMeer.

jeff vandermeer

It includes and interview I conducted with Jeff around the time his novel Shriek: the Afterword was coming out, which to this day is perhaps my favorite of his novels, and

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