Best Movie of the 21st Century?

I know a lot of people are on the There Will Be Bloodsquad, seems fairly in vogue, and it’s a fine film with an overwhelming singular performance and expertly directed but I’m split in between Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and Cuarón’s Children of Men

spirited away

I’d probably lean toward the Studio Ghibli film because I do believe in the value of a good time and when we are talking about films of this most upper level, we look for qualities to give one the edge over the other and for me the fact that it’s an all ages film is a point for it, and why the run something like Pixar has  had is so extraordinary.

Spirited Away is flawless and Children of Men might be the best science fiction film I’ve ever seen.

I will say that I find myself continually going back and thinking about Arrvial, which is based on a Ted Chiang story, whose collection of short fiction is the one collection you buy if you are just going to buy one.


Author: Jay

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