A Pointer to Badasses, Outlines, Grimdark, and Heaven?

As we prepare to relaunch Boomtron as a podcast I’ve been blogging here and shifting content over here as I have the time.

I’ve been adding more of the guest blogs we’ve hosted from authors to the Sandman Meditations and Notes from New Sodom I brought over here earlier in the week.

This time I brought over Ben Thompson’s kind of hilarious Badass of Week column he did for us. Over at his own site he does wonderful write-ups of historical figures.. well being badass and he did several for me of fictional characters. I’d point to the one he did of Thanos for us – which fans of Infinity War should check out asap.

Erin M. Evans, the author of several novels in Forgotten Realms offered up her expertise on Outlines and Shared World writing.

The great Guy Gavriel Kay I think was on a book publicity leg for his Under Heaven and dropped a guest blog for us.

For fans of Warhammer 40k, author of numerous books Aaron Dembski-Bowden, did a handful of very entertaining and personal pieces for us about grimdark and canon in those settings.

Ian R. MacLeod wrote on Alternate Londons for us. He’s written several novels but his short fiction is really great. His “New Light on the Drake Equation” is a singularly magnificent story and he has at least a couple of collections that are terrific.

I’ll make sure I mention the next group when I move them over, though I am trying to keep this joint more or less my online hub.

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